Why Us?

Text in English and in Italian – Testo in Inglese e in Italiano.

american flag We would be honored and delighted to work with you on the design and planning of an exquisite and memorable journey for you! Why should you choose us?


– We were born and raised in Sicily and have lived in Italy for many years, therefore we  can share with you the best of our country and take away the stress and uncertainties of your journey with our knowledge and connections.

– We are multilingual (Italian, English, French, Spanish, some Portuguese) and can communicate with many from various cultural backgrounds.

– We are respectful of your dreams, budget and will design unique journeys/experiences especially crafted for you that will match your deepest desires.

– We treat you as family and not as customers.

– We prearrange every detail of your journey and we also leave you free to ‘be like a local.’

– We will be available throughout your journey.

– We value your feedback and are constantly working towards perfecting our services.

italian flag Perché Scegliere Noi?


– Lavoriamo con eccellenze italiane e siciliane ed eliminiamo lo stress e le incertezze del vostro viaggio con la nostra esperienza e contatti.

– Siamo multilingue (Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo e del Portoghese).

– Rispettiamo i vostri sogni, budget e creiamo viaggi ed esperienze uniche e personalizzate per voi.

– Abbiamo cura di voi come famiglia e non come clienti.

– Ci occupiamo di ogni dettaglio del vostro viaggio lasciandovi spazio per sentirvi come locals (gente del luogo che visiterete).

-Saremo disponibili durante il vostro viaggio.

– Appreziamo la vostra opinione e lavoriamo constantemente per perfezionare i nostri servizi.


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Photography by Giovanna E. Mignosa