Why Us?

We would be honored and delighted to work with you on the design and planning of an exquisite and memorable journey for you! Why should you choose us?


*We are as happy for your journey as you are for yourself

*We are creative, enthusiastic, flexible and dynamic

*We are passionate, adventurous and curious travelers and want to share all our special secrets, experiences and knowledge with you

*We were born and raised in Sicily and Italy and this is simply who we are, where we are from, our culture, our native island/country

*We are respectful of your dreams, budget and will design unique journeys/experiences especially crafted for you that will match your deepest desires

*We live here but have also traveled extensively across the USA and internationally and can relate to all international travelers and attend with sensibility and maximum care to your every need and wish

*We are multilingual {Italian, English, French, Spanish, some Portuguese} and can communicate with many from various cultural backgrounds

*We have traveled throughout Sicily and Italy since we were born and have also welcomed, entertained and accompanied international guests all of our lives

*We take away the stress and uncertainties of your journey with our knowledge and our connections


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