Bios & Philosophy

We were born and raised in Sicily. Our Papa’ is Sicilian, our Mamma Sicilian-American.We were born in a bi-cultural, multilingual home. This defined immediately the course and rest of our lives. We welcomed and entertained international visitors in our home in Sicily from an early age and traveled often to the USA and around the world to visit family and friends.

In 1997, we moved to the USA to pursue higher education and spent 18 years there. Until this year (2016) when, longing to indulge in the beauty and slow paced lifestyle of our beautiful native island (Sicily), we decided to move back to our home here. Whether we had planned or not, it was always our pleasure to advice, suggest, accompany visitors around our island and slowly throughout all of Italy.

Travel is in our DNA and through the years, we have been fortunate and grateful to be able to travel the world, develop a sensibility towards the needs of the international traveler, learn a few languages and expand our portfolio of connections.

We are delighted, honored and truly happy to be able to share our love, passion and knowledge of all that our island and country can offer to the senses of all embracing visitors!

Francesca’s Bio

After completing her Masters in the USA, Francesca worked for 18 years in the fields of International Education, International Media, and International Travel in Ohio and in New York City.  She was always suggesting or accompanying individuals or groups to Sicily, Italy, and Malta through the years until most frequently in the past 5 years.   Her first book, My Sicily, was published in the USA in 2012 and allowed her to travel across the USA to share her love for her native island.  She was the winner in 2007 and 2013 of the Italian Literary Award “Sicilia Mondo” given by the Sicilian Parliament {and was first classified worldwide on both occasions}.  She is passionate about cooking, reading, writing and traveling of course! She is ecstatic to come full circle in her life with the launch of this company with her sister, best friend and enthusiastic travel partner!

Giovanna’s Bio

Immediately following the completion of her Masters in the USA, Giovanna worked at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland in the Educational Programs Office, Environmental Management and Safety Offices for 15 years.  She thoroughly enjoyed working in a multicultural environment, traveling throughout all of the USA as well as deepening her interest for International Education, Event Planning and Multimedia.  She loves photography – please know that all the photography used in our website was taken by Giovanna – if you are interested in purchasing or showcasing some of it, please contact us here on the website, Giovanna would be delighted to hear from you!  She is super excited to be partnering with her sister and best friend on this beautiful chapter together!