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Whether you want to learn about the origins of funny shaped “arancini/e” {Sicilian rice balls} or how roll your sleeves in cucina to learn how to make pasta fresca or authentic pizza with a master pizzaiolo…..or you are a true foodie and are curious about local delicacies ….or if you are a wine lover and want to explore and enjoy vineyards and wine tastings…..or you prefer learning about the art of Sicilian and Italian pastry making…..or if you simply want to indulge in the best sunbathing, beaches and relaxation in Sicily and Italy…..or if your interests are art, architecture, archaeology, history, culture…..or you want to rent an apartment, a house, a luxury villa for you, your family and friends and live like a local for a few weeks and enjoy the beauty and slow paced lifestyle, the cafès, the mercati, the piazze {public squares} and chiese {churches} only Sicily and Italy offer….or you would like to perfect your Italian language skills and participate in a full immersion language program….or you are an artist, a writer, a photographer seeking a special retreat to create at your own pace…..or you are a yoga lover or have an interest in special sports, or cycling…or you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or honeymoon….or you are longing to research your family genealogy and visit the native towns and villages of your ancestors…..or only need a few guides, interpreters, drivers, entrance tickets or other individual services….all of the above are just some of the numerous examples in which we can help you for your upcoming journey!   Contact us today at siciliansisterstravel@gmail.com with your wishes and desires for this special moment in your lives!

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*Private Guides, Drivers, Interpreters, Restaurants, Entrance Tickets, Train Tickets  (NO FLIGHTS), any other additional service you may need assistance with in Sicily or Italy


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